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THE NIPPON POSTERS The200th Exhibition

October 09, 2014 - December 20, 2014

DesignFKazumasa Nagai
Design : Kazumasa Nagai
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For the first commemorable exhibition in Uzumasa, ddd gallery proudly introduces gTHE NIPPON POSTERSh. Modern Japanese designers from the post war era up to now, have generated diverse expression by inheriting the essence of traditional Japanese art, and recomposing it with each of their own individuality. To introduce this unparalleled Japanese style, 133 outstanding poster works were selected from DNP Graphic Design Archives, focusing on relevance between graphical expressions unique to Japanese designers and Japanese tradition, including representative designers as Ikko Tanaka, Kazumasa Nagai and Tadanori Yokoo. Also, an interactive artwork created by the eminent web designer, Yugo Nakamura, is projected on the floor of the exhibition space. Please enjoy the variety of gNIPPONh, lying within each designerfs personality.


10 Uzumasa Kamikeibu-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto 616-8533
Tel: 075-871-1480
Opening hours: 11:00am – 7:00pm (until 6:00pm on Saturdays)
Closed on Sundays and holidays
Admission free


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