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The273th DRAFT Exhibition: Branding and Art Directors

March 06, 2009 - March 30, 2009

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The design company DRAFT is led and represented by creative director Satoru Miyata. More than 30 years have passed since the founding of Satoru Miyata Design in 1978, and the company, which has since changed its name to DRAFT, currently has 39 employees. DRAFT has cultivated a number of promising designers, many of whom have won the annual JAGDA New Artist Award?an award that often provides the start for a successful career in design. Seven years have already passed since the DRAFT Exhibition of May 2002. This yearfs exhibition takes up the theme of gBranding and Art Directorsh to show the branding works DRAFT has done while working with various companies from product development stages onward. Works have involved brands such as MOS Burger, Lacoste, Kirin, Breitling, Panasonic Electric Works, Wacoal, and Kao, as well as the works of the D-BROS product design project, which was begun 13 year ago. This exhibition will also feature the individual works of DRAFTfs nine art directors, shown through videos. The members of DRAFT base their work on the shared ideals of gpursuit of the true essence of thingsh and gconnecting with society.h This exhibition will uncover developments and current activities in DRAFT and provide insight into the thinking of the design group and Miyata himself. Additionally, the book Dezain suru na (gDo Not Designh) will be released to coincide with DRAFTfs 30th anniversary celebration and this exhibition.