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The271th Brilliant Rivalry:Works by Outstanding Designers in the DNP Archives of Graphic Design

January 09, 2009 - January 31, 2009

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The DNP Foundation for Cultural Promotion is promoting cultural development in the fields of graphic design and graphic arts in cooperation with the ginza graphic gallery (ggg), the ddd gallery, and the CCGA (Center for Contemporary Graphic Art). In addition to exhibitions at these institutions, the foundation is also running an archive project for the systematic collection, storage, and management of works of graphic design and related information, which it regards as social assets. This exhibition displays 123 out of some 5,600 works by 69 designers donated to the DNP Archives of Graphic Design, which are now being shown in Ginza for the first time. Works are displayed by pairs of designers for comparison. Many of the famous posters produced in the history of Japanese graphic design were born out of rivalry with other artists of the same generation. The comparison of such outstanding works clearly reveals both the extent of their relevance to their times and the individuality of the artists concerned.