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The268th “White” Kenya Hara

October 07, 2008 - October 31, 2008

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The October 2008 exhibition at the ginza graphic gallery (ggg) is entitled '"White"Kenya Hara.' Through the sophisticated beauty of simplicity, Kenya Hara continues to challenge unexplored issues in design. This exhibition exemplifies an insight into the elimination of all extraneous elements in an attempt to understand the essential nature of things. It gives observers a look into the core of the designer thought by using the aesthetic sense or concept of "White" to look back at numerous works created through a return to the essential. Using the concept of "White" as a lens through which to take a fresh look at many of his works, this exhibition highlights the way Kenya Hara perceives things. Works on exhibit include the packaging for the new Kenzo Power fragrance, on presale in Japan; Hakkin sake from Obusedo in Nagano Prefecture; book designs such as A Single Volume, as well as titles such as RE-DESIGN and HAPTIC, which bring together works that he has produced; the TSUKUBAI (stone wash basin) water feature into which water falls from above, change into transparent droplets and finally disappear while they swirl downward.