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The264th Hiroshi Sasaki, Leader of a Cheering Squad for the Japanese Advertising World

June 05, 2008 - June 28, 2008

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The June exhibition at the ginza graphic gallery (ggg) is entitled “Hiroshi Sasaki, Leader of a Cheering Squad for the Japanese Advertising World.” His ideas are powerful in their simplicity. Creative director Hiroshi Sasaki has launched a string of major advertising campaigns, including numerous TV commercials and newspaper advertisements that leave a vivid impression on all viewers. This exhibition covers 30 straight years of his career in the advertising world. Through Sasaki’s work to date as a creative director, we are introduced to how campaign advertisements progress and the creative process involved; the role of the creative director in this process; the effects and impact of advertisements; and the fascination and attraction of the advertising profession. Graphics from numerous TV commercial videos, newspapers, and posters used in popular campaigns, such as those for Softbank, Fujifilm, Suntory “Boss” coffee, the Toyota Eco-Project, the JR Tokai “Yes, let’s go to Kyoto” series, ANA’s “Live/China” campaign, and the KDDI joint campaign, do more than simply express and validate what they advertise. By supporting these companies and products, these advertisements also support Japan, and they are presented in this exhibition from the perspective of vitalizing the Japan brand. The volume ggg Books 85: Hiroshi Sasaki will be published in conjunction with this exhibition.