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The263th Alan Fletcher: The Father of British Graphic Design

May 09, 2008 - May 31, 2008

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In May 2008, the Ginza Graphic Gallery will present the exhibition “Alan Fletcher: The Father of British Graphic Design.” Alan Fletcher, who passed away in September 2006, was a master of graphic design whose considerable influence on the field is felt far beyond the UK.One of the founding partners of the design group Pentagram, Fletcher made the best of wit and satire and laid open a new world of possibilities in design. He also consulted as Creative Director of Phaidon Press, and was a central figure in the popularization of a large number of publications on fine art. This exhibition centers on his posters and comprises approximately 60 pieces from the collection of the Design Museum, London. These works give clear insight into the abundant sense of curiosity toward visual arts which Fletcher maintained throughout his long career.