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The261th TEXTASY: Brody Neuenschwander

March 06, 2008 - March 31, 2008

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The March 2008 exhibition at the ginza graphic gallery (ggg) will be “TEXTASY: Brody Neuenschwander.”Far from restricting his use of flowing, elegant calligraphy to paper or canvas, Brody Neuenschwander has expanded the scope of his activities to encompass collage, three-dimensional work, and even film and the theatrical arena. Neuenschwander’s calligraphy made a spectacular impression as one of the most important elements in the films “Prospero’s Books” and “The Pillow Book,” directed by British genius Peter Greenaway. This exhibition will introduce his creative world by focusing on the SKIN installation, consisting of a video and paintings on canvas, which was produced for a museum converted from a medieval Belgian hospital. Films featuring Neuenschwander’s calligraphy will also be screened during the exhibition period. Please take a look through the information below and distribute it as widely as possible in order to help publicize this art event.