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The260th Testimonies from Twenty Pioneers of the Graphic Design Era: Interviews by Hiroshi Kashiwagi

February 06, 2008 - February 29, 2008

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The February 2008 exhibition at the ginza graphic gallery will be “Testimonies by 20 Pioneers of the Graphic Design Era: Interviews by Hiroshi Kashiwagi.”
DNP established the DNP Graphic Design Archive (DGA) in 2000 to collect and preserve works of graphic design in an organized fashion. As one part of this, in 2003 the “Archives of People” Project was launched to create a video record of the artists themselves talking about their works and creations. Interviews by design critic Hiroshi Kashiwagi with twenty of the most influential graphic designers of the postwar graphic design world have been compiled alongside detailed chronologies of their works. This exhibition focuses on the era of graphic design and the involvement of these twenty artists from Kashiwagi’s perspective, showing 40-minute edited versions of each of these videos. Some works mentioned in the videos will also be on display, offering a comprehensive overview of the development of Japanese graphic design since the 1940s.