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The257th Japan Magazine Publishers Association and Japan Book Publishers Association 50th Anniversary Commemoration WELCOME TO MAGAZINE POOL Ten Creators Crossing Boundaries for Magazine Design

November 02, 2007 - November 27, 2007

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I was astonished by the response to this exhibition. It made me realize that paper magazines are once again finding favor. I also pondered anew what magazine design is all about - a question I had dealt with in preparing material for The 10 Creators Crossing Boundaries for Magazine Design, my new book parallel to this exhibition. The conclusion I reached is that magazine design is a profession straddling two jobs, graphic design and editing, and that I should consider myself to be "an editor in charge of design." I came to think that a magazine designer - the person who puts contents in order and designs - is an editor who reflects the feelings of the times on the printed page. Today, I am refreshingly surprised at how the paper magazines coming onto the scene in rapid succession in various formats so closely resemble the folio-sized periodicals that appeared after WWII. Could it be that after the emergence and development of electronic technology, paper magazines are now on the verge of a return to their former warm-and cozy appearance? I will be eager to keep a close eye on magazine design and the paper magazines that will surely continue to appear in the years ahead. Yasushi Fujimoto Cap