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The256th Shinya Nakajima CM Exhibition Shinya Nakajima with 29 Art Directors

October 04, 2007 - October 29, 2007

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Displaying video images in a graphic (print) gallery is a prospect that is easy to talk about, and yet has few real precedents. Video imagery is a product born from a time sequence, and in order to truly appreciate it, it is best viewed in a theater-like setting rather than at an exhibition. What I wanted to do, in spite of this, was to line up my video images and seek to achieve a sweeping view. What was sacrificed most as a result of pushing ahead with this impossible quest was sound: the acoustics were like those in a video arcade. Though I felt there was something unsavory in that fact, I got immense satisfaction from having demonstrated a total image of "Shinya Nakajima with 29 art directors." Shinya Nakajima