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The 303rd Exhibition 100 gggBooks@100 Graphic Designers

October 05, 2011 - October 29, 2011

Design:Kazumasa Nagai
Design:Kazumasa Nagai
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In commemoration of gggfs 25th anniversary, and also to celebrate the publication of the 100th volume in the gggBooks series, for its October exhibition the gallery will mount g100 gggBooks / 100 Graphic Designers.h
Publication of the gggBooks series was launched in 1992 as a complement to the galleryfs regular exhibition activities. The series features a compact pocket size that enables easy access to the alluring appeal of graphic design in its myriad variations.
The commemorative exhibition will bring together 100 major works – one each – by the 100 designers (65 Japanese + 35 overseas) featured in the first 100 volumes of gggBooks. Besides highlighting each designerfs unique individuality, the works on show will collectively provide visitors a remarkable kaleidoscope of graphic design from around the world. Also on display will be gggBooksf very first e-book, the next generation in the publishing world.
A special edition of gggBooks, on the 100 featured graphic designers, will be published in conjunction with the exhibition.