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The289th Ralph Schraivogel Exhibition

August 04, 2010 - August 28, 2010

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Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Ralph Schraivogel is a graphic designer whose work is not limited by conventional frameworks. As a graphic designer, teacher, and poster artist, he produces only a handful of posters a year, but those few posters never fail to showcase all the possibilities of visual expression, so that each of the delicate and elaborate works creates a sensation that continues to fascinate the world. This is his first solo exhibition in Tokyo, and will feature around 50 posters created for cultural institutions, which have been Schraivogelfs main focus of attention. These include posters for film events at Filmpodium, an old film cinema house run by the Department of Culture of the Zurich Municipal Government, and posters for exhibitions at the Museum of Design Zurich. The book gggBooks 93-Ralph Schraivogel will be released to coincide with this exhibition.