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The282th Kokoku Hihyo: End of One Era, Start of Another

December 03, 2009 - December 24, 2009

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This exhibition will focus on the trajectory of the magazine Kokoku Hihyo (Advertisement Review), which has analyzed current trends for 30 years since its first issue in 1979, while following the field of advertising from the point of view of the masses. This exhibition features contributions from more than 100 individuals associated with Kokoku Hihyo, the magazinefs logos and covers, art direction that underwent dramatic changes every few years, as well as commercials and newspaper advertisements (selected by the founding editor-in-chief, Yukichi Amano) that speak eloquently of the past 30 years. We hope this event will not only address the significance of Kokoku Hihyofs role in the golden age of mass media advertising, but also contemplate the magazinefs future in a new era intimately connected with Web-based media.