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The280th Toshio Yamagata Exhibition

October 05, 2009 - October 28, 2009

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Toshio Yamagata is a central figure in Shiseidofs advertising, having been involved as art director and creative director in developing the companyfs brand, art direction for exhibitions, and developing the copy in 2005 for Shiseidofs corporate message gThis moment. This life. Beautifully.h He is also involved in designing posters for the Sankai Juku dance company, and in book design for photography collections, including Yoshihiko Uedafs gAMAGATSUh and Bishin Jumonjifs gWABI,h in which he emphasizes Japanese beauty and physical beauty to express an inimitably elegant world far removed from that of everyday life. In this exhibition, experimental new works on the theme of gfacesh are displayed on the first floor, while the basement floor contains a collection of Yamagatafs previous art direction work for Shiseido, as well as his book designs for photography collections and graphics from cultural presentations. The exhibition is sure to express Yamagatafs individuality, with his constant preoccupation with cosmetics and female beauty. In addition, Yamagata Toshio(volume 91 in the gggBooks series) will be released to coincide with this exhibition. Please take a look at the information below and distribute it as widely as possible. We would appreciate any coverage your media could give to these events.