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The279th Tadahito Nadamoto, Akira Uno, Makoto Wada and Tadanori Yokoo SHOW

September 02, 2009 - September 29, 2009

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The 1960s, at the height of Japan's headlong charge toward economic growth, was a bustling, vibrant time when brilliant young creators gathered in Ginza for stimulating, genre-transcending interaction day and night. Tadahito Nadamoto, Akira Uno, Makoto Wada, and Tadanori Yokoo were at the center of the creative action, getting together nearly every day in pursuing their crazy lives. The four would play a central role in the establishment of the Tokyo Illustrators Club, the Japanese graphic design world's first organization for illustrators, in 1965. This sparked the Persona Exhibition and the founding of Hanashi no Tokushu magazine, ushering in an illustration-driven shift in graphic design in Japan.