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The 191st Exhibition groovisions Exhibition: “dddg”

March 12, 2013 - April 26, 2013

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This spring, ddd gallery will host an exhibition of the works of groovisions, a design studio that has continuously generated great interest in creative and cultural circles both in Japan and abroad. With “color” as its key word, the exhibition will consist of an experimental installation incorporating groovisions’ design works, spanning a remarkably wide spectrum, that have been shown at contemporary art and many other exhibitions. These include their original mascot character “Chappie,” numerous graphic works for the music industry, packaging designs, works in magazine art direction and editorial design, motion graphics, brand VI, CI, etc.
“dddg” is sure to be a powerful exhibition. We eagerly hope many visitors will come and experience groovisions’ unique originality, universality, innovative freshness and humor for themselves.