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The 185th ‚„‚„‚„ gallery Exhibition DNP Graphic Design Archives Collection IV The 10th Memorial to Ikko Tanaka : Ikko Tanaka Posters 1980–2002

March 21, 2012 - May 11, 2012

poster design: kazumasa nagai
poster design: kazumasa nagai
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The year 2012 marks the tenth anniversary of Ikko Tanakafs passing, who is one of the greatest Japanese graphic designers in its history. ddd gallery will bring about the exhibition gDNP Graphic Design Archives Collection IV: Ikko Tanaka Posters 1980-2002h.
In 2010, grand retrospective was held of works gleaned from the gIkko Tanaka Archivesh established in 2008, with a focus on those created between 1953 and 1979. Specifically, the exhibition showed posters from Mr. Tanakafs early to middle periods.
For this second exhibition, Mr. Tanakafs representative works have again been selected, this time concentrating on his later period spanning from 1980 through 2002. Within Mr. Tanakafs remarkable legacy, his achievements as a poster artist merit special notice. In particular it was during his later years that Mr. Tanaka established an unshakable reputation as one of the worldfs foremost poster designers.
It was during this period that Mr. Tanaka produced a wealth of his very finest posters – gNihon Buyoh, for instance, that drew enthusiastic encomiums. Even in his later years, through to the very end, he fully retained his creative freshness and acute sensibility. This exhibition of Mr. Tanakafs greatest works from this period will surely serve as an occasion for making new encounters with the timeless appeal of this eminent and unparalleled artist.

Gallery Talk & Opening

Talk session by Mr. Toshiyuki Kita is scheduled during the exhibition period.
Further information will be provided on our website once all the details have been confirmed.