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The 186th ddd gallery Exhibition Tokyo Type Directors Club Exhibition 201

May 22, 2012 - July 06, 2012

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The Tokyo Type Directors Club Exhibition 2012 presents the results of the Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2012, an annual international design competition organized by the Tokyo Type Directors Club.

The Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2012 drew a total of 3,289 entries (2,265 from Japan and 1,024 from overseas). A rigorous screening process resulted in the following prizes being awarded: 1 Grand Prix, 5 TDC Prizes, 1 Special Prize, 1 TDC RGB Prize, 1 Book Design Prize, and 1 Type Design Prize. In winning this year’s Grand Prix, Why Not Associates (UK) achieved the remarkable distinction of being the first in the history of the TDC to win this award for the third time. Also of note was the unprecedented inclusion of three works of type design among the winners of the TDC Prize. The TDC Exhibition 2012 will showcase many outstanding typographic works, including the 10 prizewinners, prize nominees, and other outstanding entries.

Every year the experimental, cutting-edge work shown at the TDC Exhibition offers visitors an entertaining feast for the eyes and the mind. This year’s edition is no exception, with works ranging from enormous public typographic art that stretches across 2,200m2 to font designs that pursue perfection at the level of the tenth of a millimeter, and presents the world a truly diverse array of dynamic and finely detailed works, from Japan.

Gallery Talk

Speakers: Gabin Ito+ Taeko Isu(NNNNY)
Date and Time: May 22 (Tue.), 2012, 16:00 to 17:30
Venue: Namba SS Bldg

Opening Party

Date and Time: May 22 (Tue.), 2012, 17:30 to 19:00
Venue: ddd gallery