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The 187th ddd gallery Exhibition Fumio Tachibana Exhibition

July 17, 2012 - September 05, 2012

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"This exhibition will present my works to date dealing with my thoughts on books. For example – a place in Hiroshima which was important to me has disappeared. My father was a book binder, and he often had me help him when I was a child. I aligned the paper, applied the glue, peeled the backlined and headbanded books one at a time with a knife, performed wire stitching with a machine, sewing and trimming. I grew up in that place, watching each step of the bookbinding process. There were various machines: one just for folding, one just for pressing the spine flat, one just for sewing, one just for cutting, one just for cornering... Each machine was big and heavy. Now they are just big pieces of steel. They should be scrapped, but I'm attached to them. I moved a few of these machines, which had outlived their usefulness, to another location. I took the records of that place which will disappear, and made them into a book by once again using the machines I saved." (Fumio Tachibana)