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The174th TDC Exhibition 2010

May 21, 2010 - July 03, 2010

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The ddd gallery will hold the TDC Exhibition from May 21, 2010. Every year this exhibition presents the results of the Tokyo TDC Awards, which brings together cutting-edge typographic works in an international competition held by the Tokyo Type Directors Club. The Tokyo TDC Awards 2010, for which entries were accepted in fall 2009, has been earning ever greater respect and attention in Japan and overseas, attracting a total of 3,180 entries of which 2,301 were from Japan, and 879 from 27 foreign countries and 2 foreign regions. The award winners have been selected as the result of a rigorous judging process. The TDC Exhibition 2010 brings together ten award-winning works along with other nominated works and outstanding entries in an exhibition of around 100 innovative, cutting-edge pieces from around the world on the dates given below.