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The171th Kijuro Yahagi: Magnetic Vision 60/100 New Works

October 27, 2009 - December 19, 2009

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Kijuro Yahagi has been delving into the world of perception since "Shot by a Sight" in 1988. Continued with "Perceiving by Sight" (1992), "One's Point of View" (1994), "Hidden Accumulated Vision" (1998) and "Existence Appearance" (2000), the series attempts to unravel the mysterious makeup of the visual world from various angles. The name of this series, “Magnetic Vision,” clearly suggests its content. When looking at a certain area through a magnifying glass, that particular area appears magnified. However, the inside of the lens compresses a much larger world that includes the surrounding scenery. The resulting effect is an image in which the surrounding world appears to be magnetically drawn inward. Yahagi's works pose the questions, "How can one reconcile the fact that the images in the frames are seamlessly connected with the surroundings?" and "Can one truly close in on the world one is consciously viewing?”