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The178th GRAPHIC WEST 3 phono/graph -sound·letters·graphics-

January 18, 2011 - March 09, 2011

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To kick off the year 2011, the ddd gallery will host its 178th exhibition, gGRAPHIC WEST 3: phono/graph—soundElettersEgraphics|h

The accelerating pace of technological development in recent years has resulted in the dawning of a new era, in which audio, written text, still and moving images, and other forms of editable media have attained equal status and become available to the wider public. At the same time, the graphic design world has also been going through drastic changes. With Yukio Fujimoto in a supervising role, five groups of creators will face off in order to ggain an overall understanding of the potential offered by combining sound, art, and graphic design.h

The theme for this exhibition is gphono/graph—soundElettersEgraphics—h Without becoming constrained by limitations of genres such as visual and aural expression, the works of participating artists (who are active and versatile in the worlds of audio, written and graphic expression) will fill the ddd gallery. Working under this challenging theme, these creative artists from a variety of fields will share their diverse and uninhibited artistic viewpoints with visitors to this inspiring event.