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The147th Graphic Thought Facility GTF: 50 Projects

February 14, 2006 - March 13, 2006

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We jumped at ddd gallery's invitation to show our work for the first time in Japan. Like many British designer's of our generation, we have been significantly influenced by the formal sensibilities, detail and tactility of graphic design from Japan - where the gap between high and low-design seemed far less chasmic than in our native country. I'm not sure how many of this filtered‘Japanisms’fwere apparent to the visiting audience, but nevertheless Osaka seemed like a very appropriate for a survey of our work. Over the past fifteen years our clientbase has evolved through introductions from friends and by word-of-mouth from satisfied clients. For a while we had pondered what this unstrategic web of connections would look like on paper. ddd gallery's request to make a poster provided the ideal opportunity to make use of this dense information. Rather perversely-with the significant capabilities of DNP's print-production team at our disposal - the job only required black ink. But what beautifully printed black ink it was! Thank you to everyone at ddd gallery for making the exhibition such an enjoyable and rewarding experience - it was a great way to start the year. Paul Neale, Graphic Thought Facility