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The135th Balarinji Design Exhibition

November 25, 2004 - December 22, 2004

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It is an honor for Balarinji to have work from our 20 year retrospective collection, exhibited at ddd gallery. Australia and Japan each have ancient cultures, and we understand a little of each other's philosophies. There is a rhythm in our work that we hope resonates with Japanese interest in the natural world, and we are inspired by the Japanese aesthetic that so successfully pursues the essential character of an object or image. We felt there was an informed approach to our lecture by the ddd audience, where we were pleased to have the opportunity to present the ideas and motivation behind our work. It is a country that pursues the continuation of its unique culture and way of life. In a similar way, Balarinji works to express the beauty of Australia's culture expressed in a contemporary way. John and Ros Moriarty, Balarinji