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The131th Pierre Mendell Exhibition

June 30, 2004 - July 28, 2004

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Often I am asked about the philosophy behind my work. And I always answer that I do not have one. The word philosophy never occurs to me when I approach a given design assignment. I just try to solve the problem in a pragmatic way. Certainly I look for simple communicative solutions as I am aware that our world is flooded by an overabundance of pictures and that a simple direct solutions might get the message across better. At first sight, so to speak. In this context there might also be something like a feeling for visual ecology that motivates me. If there must be a philosophy, however, it is that I feel the way people communicate with each other also defines their culture. And if I can bring a little culture to every day graphic design, so much the better. I have known the ginza graphic gallery and the ddd gallery for a long time through the publications of the wonderful exhibits of contemporary graphic designers. I am very honored to have had my work shown there. Pierre Mendell