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The128th Danish Posters - Over the past 10 years Selected by Danish Design Centre

March 18, 2004 - April 15, 2004

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The Danish Design Centre would like to thank the ddd gallery and the ggg for the unique and exceptional opportunity they gave to the Danish graphic designers to present examples of their works and posters from the last 10 years in the beautiful exhibition halls in Osaka and Tokyo. The Danish Design Centre has since the 1980's had an important and fruitful cooperation with a number of much appreciated partners in Japan, and the cooperation with the ddd gallery and the ggg has reinforced this tradition and emphasized the strong bonds between Japanese and Danish design, which previously has been seen mainly in furniture design but now also in graphic design, thanks to initiative and warm hospitality from the two galleries. For the designers, and especially the young designers, the exhibition has been an exciting experience, both to be selected to represent the best of Danish graphic design today, and to be seen and judged by an audience in Japan, a country looked upon as having some of the best and most experimental graphic design of today. Birgitta Capetillo, Danish Design Centre