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The 40th Tetsuya Noda: Diary

September 30, 2006 - December 24, 2006

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Tetsuya Noda launched his career in the 1960s, and it was with "Diary," his lifework started in 1968, that his fame became indisputable. In his "Diary" series, using woodcuts and silkscreens featuring photographs, he makes prints that depict vignettes from his own everyday life. Commencing with portraits of family members, acquaintances or himself, he gradually expanded his subject matter to still-lifes and landscapes. But while his "Diary" series invariably records scenes from his daily life, his depictions have a universal quality and a wondrous appeal.
Another distinguishing feature of Noda's "Diary" works is their rich depth. He achieves this despite his use of a mechanical medium – silkscreening from photoengraved plates – by adding touches by pencil or pen to his photographs during the platemaking process and combining this with traditional water-based woodcut technique. The "Diary" series has been highly acclaimed internationally, as demonstrated by its winning of the International Grand Prize at the 1968 Tokyo International Print Biennale, and it occupies a firm place within the history of contemporary Japanese prints.
This exhibition examined the appeal of Noda's artistic world by tracing his footsteps through 70 works from the "Diary" series, including major prints and multiples spanning from his first works of 1968 to the present.