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The 39th Masaki Fujihata: The Conquest of Imperfection - New Realities Created with Images and Media

June 24, 2006 - September 24, 2006

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Masaki Fujihata is an internationally active media artist who has boldly explored uncharted territory in art through his probings of the possibilities of digital technology in artistic expression.
His works, which are highly acclaimed both in Japan and overseas, explore the essence of human perception, awareness and communication availing of the special qualities of the latest technologies – interactive art, virtual reality and networking, for example. They breathe new life into art by raising a variety of issues that never emerged in earlier expressive media.
In his creative process, Fujihata has attempted to achieve "the conquest of imperfection." Based on his unique view that the real world is more imperfect than the world expressed using computers, he has long pondered the matter and sought, through use of new media, to realize this world transcending reality.
This exhibition introduced Fujihata's works of recent years, including new works, created along this theme he has addressed since the early days of his career. It examined what reality means to us living in an environment of highly diversified media and how to interact with the new world to be enabled by the media of the future.