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The 36th Breathing Light: Shigenobu Yoshida

June 25, 2005 - September 25, 2005

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Light has always played an important role in art, both as a theme and medium of expression, from the olden days of Caravaggio and Vermeer and the paintings of the Impressionist School to, in recent years, the installations of James Turrell. Light, that marvelous elusive entity nonetheless indispensable to human vision, and simultaneously the source of all life on earth, civilization and culture, has fascinated artists through the ages and kindled their imagination.
Shigenobu Yoshida is an artist who has been creating installations and videos making use of sunlight since the early 1990s. Through his unique works, which move back and forth between the scientific and metaphysical aspects of light, Yoshida has shown us the essence of what light is and the relationship between man and nature. His works, which stir the imagination of the viewer through light that changes silently like breathing, are highly acclaimed both in Japan and abroad.
This exhibition brought together Yoshida's light works in all their evolutionary forms to the present, including "Bio-Morph," in which light was projected on a wall using a sunlight-capturing system and optical fiber, and video presentations made using a prism and a videocamera. Collectively they provided an opportunity to see the full scope of Yoshida's artworld.