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The 35th The World of Contemporary American Woodcuts: 12nd Exhibition of Prints from Tyler Graphics Archive Collection

March 01, 2005 - June 19, 2005

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Woodcuts, the oldest method of printmaking, are highly familiar to Japanese people. Through ukiyo-e, printing of New Years cards, etc., woodcuts have long been favored in this country. Moreover, in the realm of postwar art it was woodcut artists such as Shiko Munakata and Kiyoshi Saito who were the first to win international acclaim.
In the U.S., woodcut production has never been undertaken so actively, and even during the "print revival" of the 1960s the mainstream consisted of lithographs and screen prints. The situation has changed in recent years, however, and many artists representative of contemporary American art have come to produce outstanding woodcuts. Woodcuts, which can be said to be primitive compared to lithographs or silkscreens, actually make a fresh impression, and the expressive possibilities these artists sense in woodcut art has directed them toward this medium.
Today, as rapid progress is made in information digitalization and print and printing technologies alike, the hand-made warmth of woodcuts continues to be highly appealing. This exhibition of works from CCGA's Tyler Graphics Archive Collection showed prints by 13 artists including Roy Lichtenstein, Helen Frankenthaler and Donald Sultan, introducing their diverse approaches to woodcut art.

Featured artists

Ed Baynard
Helen Frankenthaler
Roy Lichtenstein
Steven Sorman
Masami Teraoka
David Salle
Donald Sultan
John Walker
Terence La Noue
Alan Shields
Frank Stella
John Newman
Per Inge Bjørlo