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The 34th The Artists Who Express through Prints 2004

September 18, 2004 - December 23, 2004

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Fukushima Prefecture gave birth to such historical art figures as Aodo Denzen, a pioneer in Western-style prints, and Kiyoshi Saito, a major contributor to print art in the postwar era. Today, a large number of artists follow in their footsteps, producing prints of outstanding merit.
The first "The Artists Who Express through Prints" exhibition was held in 2002 as a joint endeavor initiated by local artists and galleries with the aim of energizing and nurturing print art in Fukushima. The 2004 exhibition, the third, was planned to promote the further development of local print culture and to launch local information to the entire country. Participants included six galleries located in central Fukushima (Kashima Shrine Sanshuden, Gallery Kan, Gallery Masuga, Gallery Mansei, Gallery Mukawa, LABOTTO) and CCGA, whose activities center on collecting and exhibiting contemporary prints.
The exhibition took place at the six galleries featuring works by 20 artists, mostly but not exclusively from the prefecture, selected by the galleries themselves. Simultaneously, a joint exhibition encompassing all artists was convened at CCGA. Together, these venues displayed the current state of print art in Fukushima.

Featured artists

Konomi Aoyama (1953-)
Tahei Asano (1964-)
Naoto Abe (1952-)
Yuichi Hasegawa (1945-)
Yozo Hiraguri (1964-)
Hiroto Hoshi (1967-)
Koji Ikuta (1953-)
Tadayoshi Imaizumi (1929-)
Shuzo Ito (1930-)
Juichiro Kobayashi (1954-)
Yasuo Kojima (1933-)
Hiroshi Maruyama (1953-) Kazuhiro Noguchi (1956-)
Eiji Oba (1969-)
Kahei Saito (1947-)
Haruhiko Shimoyamada (1953-)
Iwao Tamagawa (1929-)
Nagako Watanabe (1944-)
Gen Yamanaka (1954-) Seiju Yoshida (1965-)