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The 32nd The Golden Age of Illustration

March 02, 2004 - June 06, 2004

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It was in the 1960s that illustration, a genre indispensable to any discussion of contemporary graphic art in Japan, first began attracting attention. During a period lasting roughly 20 years, a host of unique illustrators were active in subculture magazines such as "Hanashi no Tokushu" and "Bikkuri House" and in the advertising media – ads for PARCO, for example – forging what might truly be called a golden era.
"The Golden Age of Illustration" explored this glorious period in the nation's illustration culture, demonstrating both the diversity and appeal of Japanese illustration. The exhibition was guest curated by Ryoichi Enomoto, an expert who has long been deeply involved in Japan's illustration scene as editor, critic and producer.
The show brought together some 400 works – posters, advertisements, original drawings, magazines, illustrations, sundry goods, etc. – by illustrator groups active during those golden days – e.g. Studio Ilfil, 100% Studio and Palette Club – and 11 illustrators who were involved in magazines such as "Hanashi no Tokushu," "Bikkuri House" and "New Music Magazine."

Featured artists

Makoto Wada
Tadanori Yokoo
Akira Uno
Harumi Yamaguchi
Teruhiko Yumura
Yosuke Kawamura
Nobuhiko Yabuki
Mizumaru Anzai
Iku Akiyama
Peter Sato
Osamu Harada