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The 26th Kijuro Yahagi: Touching, Piercing, and Tracing with Vision

June 08, 2002 - September 07, 2002

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This one-man exhibition was planned around the new works of Kijuro Yahagi, in which he explores many areas such as graphic design, photography, architecture and criticism. The title, "Touching, Piercing" was derived from Yahagi's individual theory which runs through all his creative activities. It is a multi-centered point of view that "There is not one center but many, scattered about" and also illustrates the opposite, that "In this world a completely static viewpoint does not exist."
Yahagi has built many theories from a physiological level such as the existence of "Nystagmus" and "Blind Spot" and he also examined metaphysical concepts. For this exhibition, he has expressed these new ideas concerning visual perception in 2D and 3D works. The concepts exhibited here are not necessari1y familiar to us, but as the act and experience of "seeing" is naturally inherent in us, the author's awareness of multi-centered thinking and perception within movement, provide us with useful hints about how we should live and think, in an era where everything tends to change at a fast pace.
On the opening day we organized a public debate between Kijuro Yahagi and Mr. Tsutomu Mizusawa, who has been following the artist's work for many years.