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The 25th Prints Leaping Into Space: 9th Exhibition of Prints from Tyler Graphics Archive Collection

March 01, 2002 - June 02, 2002

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One symbol that typifies the broadening of the concept of a print is the 3D multiple. This is a sculptural work, made of wood, meta1, plastic and paper but it is also a print in the sense that identical copies are made. If the mould is considered to be a sort of plate, it can be said that this also broadens the concept of a "plate." Since the 1960s, other 3D mu1tiple works, such as relief sculptures made with hand-made paper, have been actively produced.
One of the figures who played a central role in this development is a master printer, Kenneth Tyler. He established two print workshops, Gemini G.E L. and Tyler Graphics, and became involved with production of 3D multiples and sculptural works made with paper by working and collaborating with many artists. In this way he created ground-breaking works.
In this exhibition, we have exhibited 3D multiples from the Tyler Graphics Archive Co1lection, which belongs to the CCGA, made by contemporary artists who worked with Tyler, such as Anthony Caro, Roy Lichtenstein and Frank Stella. We have also introduced this new type of "Print", a format which leaps from the wall into space.

Featured artists

Anthony Caro
David Hockney
Roy Lichtenstein
Alan Shields
Richard Smith
Steven Sorman
Frank Stella