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The 23rd Yukio Fujimoto: Reading to Another Dimension

August 04, 2001 - October 13, 2001

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Yukio Fujimoto is an artist who has been creating works whose main theme is the exploration of sensory. He started out working in the field of electronic music in the 1970s. Since the mid 1980s, he has continued with works about how we receive information from various works of art, mainly from sound objects, which use the five senses including sight and smell.
Fujimoto refers to the word "reading" as the theme of this exhibition. However, the meaning of the word "reading" here is not the actual act of reading but the act of experiencing the whole intellectual creation of man. According to Fujimoto, the interpretation of the word "reading" encompasses the act of experience in the same way that religious pictures and temple architecture have a role in conveying the contents of a sutra.
In this exhibition, the works based on Marcel Duchamp and Taruho Inagaki, are displayed. They induce complex experiences through sensory perceptions and show Fujimoto's innovative interpretation of the act of reading. This enables us to think about our ideas of "books" as an experience which makes full use of our senses and imagination in the context of the present day where the forms of information transmission have greatly changed.