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The 22nd Tatsumi Orimoto: 1972-2000

May 19, 2001 - July 28, 2001

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In today's world, people have to find the skills to communicate with strangers and to accept the existence of those from different backgrounds of race, language, culture, religion, fortune and society. Tatsumi Orimoto is a performance artist, famous for his "Bread Man" act where he puts a large amount of bread on his head and makes strange appearances in public places such as streets and stations. As well known is his "Art Mama" series which takes as subject matter his experiences nursing his elderly mother. These performances present us with the mode and essence of communication among strangers and examine both its possibilities and impossibilities.
This exhibition starts with his participation of "Fluxus" in New York in the beginning of 70s. Orimoto is not only a distinguished performance artist but also a significant graphic artist. This exhibition was organized as a retrospective of Orimoto's work, and includes over 140 items, such as photographs, posters, videos and objects. All the pieces on show are a valuable record of his performance art and at the same time they demonstrate the high quality of his graphic work, giving a valuable overview of Tatsumi Orimoto's art.