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The 21st Invitation to Print Portfolios: 8th Exhibition of Prints from Tyler Graphics Archive Collection

March 01, 2001 - May 13, 2001

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The Print Revival movement in the 1960s broadened the concept of printing and encouraged the production of larger-sized prints. As a result, this transformed the public's appreciation of prints, from being essentially something enjoyed in private to being displayed at museums or art galleries, in the same way as paintings and sculptures. However, even today, when large-sized prints are seen everywhere, this does not mean that smaller, more intimate works, are ignored. It is still true that print collections such as print portfolios, collections of poems and paintings and illustrated books are still the best way of preserving the charm of such prints. Even in the present day, every year many print portfolios are created and published by artists and print workshop throughout the world.
This exhibition has been organized as an introduction to the world of print portfolios through poems, picture books and portfolios, which were selected from the Tyler Graphics Archive Collection, part of CCGA. Tyler Graphics is well known as a print workshop which produced large sized prints based on the latest technology; however, at the same time, the firm also published many print portfolios. At the exhibition, visitors can touch and leaf through some of these, page by page, so that their charm can be thoroughly appreciated, an idea that has proved popular with the public.

Featured artists

Josef Albers
Stanley Boxer
Helen Frankenthaler
David Hockney
Joan Mitchell
Robert Motherwell
Steven Sorman
John Walker