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The 17th The Story of Prints

September 11, 1999 - December 19, 1999

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The use of complex, highly advanced techniques have hindered contemporary prints from being fully understood by the public. This exhibition was planned to familiarize more people with this art. While most previous examinations of prints have focused on technique, this exhibition featured four key words from daily life - transcribing, changing, accumulating, and repeating - and explained the character of the print as abstractly and conceptually as possible. Proposing that overemphasis of technique can prevent essential understanding, it presented another way of appreciating prints. Based on the key words, forty works from the CCGA Tyler Graphics Archive Collection were selected. Excerpts of commentaries from the catalogue were posted at the start of each of the four sections, so viewers could follow a "story" to understand the aesthetic features of prints and their relationship to real life.