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The 16th Forms That Speak: 6th Exhibition of Prints from Tyler Graphics Archive Collection

June 05, 1999 - September 05, 1999

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In earlier times, paintings and prints were produced to transmit narrative images. In the modern age, however, the artist's subjectivity came to be valued more than what was depicted, eventually leading to abstract painting. Yet, art has never discarded representational images completely, even in contemporary times. There was Pop Art, and then, from the latter 1970s, narrative images reappeared in paintings and prints, as if in defiance of Minimal and Conceptual Art. Having experienced abstract art, however, these artists did not produce mere reproductions of the object. Images showed, for example, fragments of objects and phenomena surrounding us today or were based on non-Western art or nature. In this exhibition of forty prints by artists active mostly from the latter 1970s, who use representational images but show new directions, we examined the artist's exploration of the image in prints and what the depicted forms are saying to us.

Featured artists

Per Inge Bjørlo
Terence La Noue
John Newman
David Salle
T.L. Solien
Steven Sorman
Donald Sultan