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The 14th Alan Shields: Images in Paper

September 12, 1998 - December 20, 1998

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Since his debut in the late 1960s, Alan Shields has presented issues of support and plane in painting and his investigations of the material in works of embroidered colored canvas or cloth hung directly from the wall or ceiling, rather than stretched on a wooden frame. Such works, as well as his way of living as artist, fisher, and farmer on an island in New York, has always made him unique even within the diversity of contemporary art. He has also invested much energy in graphic works, in which he sews together layers of paper with complex designs, defying traditional concepts of the print. This exhibition, divided into two sections, featured sixty-six paper works by Shields from the 1970s to the present, including "The Raggedy Circumnavigation Series" (1985), exploring the rich possibilities of the material of paper through Shields's organic bonding of image and material.