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The 13th Statements in Black: 5th Exhibition of Prints from Tyler Graphics Archive Collection

May 30, 1998 - September 06, 1998

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Even in today's visual art, where advances in techniques and materials permit artists to use all sorts of color at will, monochrome expressions remain a powerful force. Contemporary printmakers produce works rivaling painting in color but also many in traditional monochrome or with black as the basic tone. One appeal of monochrome works lies in their sense of personal closeness. Whereas large paintings may use splendid colors to emphasize their monumentality, prints often use black to create sites of intimate conversation with the viewer. Further, flooded with color as we are today, black holds attraction as a symbol of the solemn or sacred. This exhibition featured forty-five works from the Tyler Graphics Archive Collection by fourteen artists, including Josef Albers, David Hockney, Robert Motherwell, and Donald Sultan. With black as their main color tone, these works explored the appeal of black and the range of expressions achieved by different artists and techniques.

Featured artists

Anni Albers
Josef Albers
Stanley Boxer
Helen Frankenthaler
Michael Heizer
David Hockney
Ellsworth Kelly
Joan Mitchell
Robert Motherwell
John Newman
Steven Sorman
Frank Stella
Donald Sultan
Robert Rahway Zakanitch