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The 11th Line-Color-Image: 4th Exhibition of Prints from Tyler Graphics Archive Collection

December 06, 1997 - January 18, 1998

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In paintings and prints, whether abstract or representational, formal elements like line and color support image quality and individuality. Especially with prints, the appearance of line and color depends greatly on materials and techniques. Different media, plate materials, and techniques produce lines and color areas of unique quality and create complex expressions. Particularly in contemporary prints, the diverse materials and techniques developed by printmaking studios have increased the variety and flexibility of expression, supporting the artist's individuality. In this exhibition, this development was examined in forty graphic works by Ed Baynard, Stanley Boxer, William Crutchfield, and Malcolm Morley. All representational but different in content, color, and touch, they indicated the wide variety of expression and graphic techniques in contemporary art.

Featured artists

Ed Baynard
Stanley Boxer
William Crutchfield
Malcolm Morley