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The 10th Shinro Ohtake: Printing/Painting

October 04, 1997 - November 30, 1997

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Whereas CCGA's previous exhibitions had featured only contemporary American prints, this new project undertook to focus on young Japanese artists, interpreting graphic art broadly as visual art related to printing or reproductive culture in concept or method, and not just printmaking and design. Our aim was to elucidate the relationship between printing and art from diverse angles and examine how printing and reproductive technology affect sensibility in today's multimedia society. This first exhibition featured Shinro Ohtake, the Japanese artist most actively involved with printed material and printing technology. His works of printed images from the scrapbook that is his life work, enlarged, printed, and reconstructed with additional painting and collage, indicate the relationship between his work and printing. Also shown were new efforts, like the work in which he used a wooden mold for manufacturing ships as a "plate."