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The 9th Printed Abstraction: 3rd Exhibition of Prints from Tyler Graphics Archive collection

June 21, 1997 - September 28, 1997

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American graphic art began to thrive with the print revival of the 1960s and was propelled by Pop Art and its reproductive images. After the 1970s, many abstract artists also tried printmaking, and abstraction in prints developed rapidly. Advances in techniques and materials allowed artists not just to reproduce existing images but to pursue previously unknown ones through a variety of textures and colors. This exhibition presented one destination of this art and its future possibilities through thirty-six works from the CCGA Tyler Graphics Archive Collection by representative contemporary abstract print artists Helen Frankenthaler, Terence La Noue, Steven Sorman, and Frank Stella. While the works varied in technique from traditional woodcut and lithography to complex mixed media, they all showed the encounter between the graphic medium and the artist's fresh sensibility, as well as a bold spirit of experimentation.

Featured artists

Helen Frankenthaler
Terence La Noue
Steven Sorman
Frank Stella