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The 8th The Graphics of James Resenquist

March 01, 1997 - June 15, 1997

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James Rosenquist made his debut in the early 1960s as a standard-bearer for Pop Art depicting images from the modern consumption-oriented society in large pictures using commercial billboard techniques. A premier representative of contemporary American art he has thereafter continued to create paintings of tremendous size that envelop the viewer in color. Rosenquist has done graphic works from early in his career, producing memorable masterpieces, but technical difficulties had kept him from achieving the sheer size of his paintings. In the "Welcome to the Water Planet" series, which he began in 1988, however, he sprayed colored pulp on large pieces of handmade paper to attain a size, coloration, and quality unprecedented in printmaking. This exhibition presented twenty-two recent graphic works by Rosenquist, including nine works from the series, to examine his artistic development and new possibilities for printmaking.