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The 5th The Prints of David Hockney

April 20, 1996 - July 07, 1996

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David Hockney is well known in Japan as one of the most versatile artists today. For years, his scenes of swimming pools shimmering with the brilliant southern California sun have charmed people throughout the world. Yet we cannot ignore the vast spectrum he has worked in, ranging from painting and stage design to photography and printmaking, and his continual search and various experiments to discover new possibilities in artistic expression, even while confirming art history and the work of past artists.
This two-part exhibition focused on the prints made by Hockney in collaboration with Tyler Graphics Ltd. and featured a total of 42 prints. The centerpiece of the exhibit was selected works from "The Moving Focus Series" (1984-1987), a series of lithographs which are outstanding models of a modern adaptation of two-dimensional spatial expression. The exhibit also included some works from the "Paper Pool Series" (1978), Hockney's daring experiment using colored pressed paper pulp and a landmark in the history of modern printmaking. Other works included were several of Hockney's recent abstract lithographs.