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The 4th American Prints Today: 1st Exhibition of Prints from Tyler Graphics Archive collection

March 01, 1996 - April 13, 1996

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Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol, and Roy Lichtenstein entered the limelight in the early 1960s, and their work deserves an important place in any discussion of the print within the world of modern art. Noticing the anonymity offered by printing technologies, these artists turned to the print as a medium in which they could incorporate realistic representations of various icons from modem society, and they created many memorable Pop Art works. Later, printmaking techniques as well as the scale of the prints, and their market expanded in the United States in a way never before seen. Kenneth Tyler played a central role in this development. Through the creation of new materials and technologies, he extended the boundaries of conventional printmaking, opening up new possibilities in print expression and changing the traditional artisan approach in American printmaking to the complex, large-scale project approach that characterizes printmaking today.
This exhibit traced contemporary American printmaking from the Pop Art era to today and was a testament to the multifaceted development of the modern print. The exhibit featured thirty prints from the Archive Collection, including David Salle's "High and Low Series" published in 1995 and Frank Stella's new work "Imaginary Places" published in 1994. These works were created by fifteen artists at Tyler Graphics, which continues to produce innovative works today.

Featured artists

Ed Baynard
Helen Frankenthaler
Nancy Graves
Michael Heizer
Ellsworth Kelly
Terence La Noue
Joan Mitchell
John Newman
Kenneth Noland
James Rosenquist
David Salle
Richard Smith
Steven Sorman
Frank Stella
Robert Rahway Zakanitch