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The 3rd The Prints of Robert Motherwell

November 01, 1995 - January 21, 1996

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It is impossible to overlook Abstract Expressionism, a movement that gained prominence in the 1950s and served to rejuvenate contemporary American art in the second half of this century. Robert Motherwell was one of the youngest in the first generation of Abstract Expressionists active at that time and is known for his contribution to the advancement of Abstract Expressionism. Motherwell started to focus on prints in the 1960s and created some 450 prints in his lifetime. Of these, those made in the last years of his life display a high degree of perfection. Motherwell's work could also be described as abstract visualizations of feelings spontaneously evoked images informed by surrealism and Eastern Zen thought. Those who look at his work cannot help but be over-whelmed by the artist's advanced level of spiritual development.
This exhibit featured prints made at Tyler Graphics Ltd. from 1975 until 1991 and contained a total of 45 pieces, including "El Negro" (1983), a collection of poems dedicated to Motherwell by the Spanish poet Raphael Alberti and illustrated by Motherwell himself, and "America-La France Variations" (1984), a series representative of Motherwell's inventive use of collage.