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The 2nd Roy Lichtenstein: Entablature -> Nudes

August 10, 1995 - October 22, 1995

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Roy Lichtenstein, one of the pioneers of the Pop Art movement, entered the limelight of the modern art world in the early 1960s with a series of paintings that directly took images from comic strip cartoons and other familiar printed matter, enlarging and rearranging them for artistic effect. Although Lichtenstein has continued to lead the modern American painting world since that time, he has also directed much of his artistic energies to printmaking throughout his career and has created a large number of prints. Since 1969, Lichtenstein has created a number of collaborative works with Kenneth Tyler, and many of these collaborative efforts have resulted in masterpieces that demand inclusion in any serious discussion of modern prints.
This two-part exhibit reconfirmed the appeal and significance of Lichtenstein's prints. A total of 41 works from CCGA's Tyler Graphics Archive Collection were shown, including the "Nudes Series" (1994), Lichtenstein's most recent prints; the "Entablature Series" (1976), a series that incorporates metal foil; the "Brushstroke Series" (1986), three-dimensional multiples on the theme of brushstrokes used in Abstract Expressionist painting; and the "Reflections Series" (1990), a mixed-media series incorporating woodcuts with metal foil and plastic film.