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The 1st Graphics Vision: Kenneth Tyler Retrospective Exhibition Thirty Years of Contemporary American Prints

April 22, 1995 - July 30, 1995

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This exhibition was held as a special event to commemorate the opening of the CCGA in 1995. That year also marked the thirtieth anniversary of the opening in Los Angeles of Gemini Ltd., Kenneth Tyler's first workshop.
On display at this two-part exhibition were over fifty innovative prints which represented revolutionary developments in printmaking. These works from the CCGA Tyler Graphics Archive Collection spanned the thirty years of Tyler's activity and included Frank Stella's "Moby Dick Series" (1991-1993), Helen Frankenthaler's "Gateway (screen)" (1989), as well as Robert Rauschenberg's "Booster" (1967), a representative work from Tyler's Gemini days; and Jasper Johns's "Black Numeral Series." This exhibit traced the history of modern art over the past thirty years through the medium of the print and explored the possibilities for graphic art in the 2lst century.